Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Eighteen months home

      Mags has been home now for 18.5 months, and she is doing fabulous! She talks all the time. One of my favorite phrases of hers is "how is your day doing mom?" This morning she asked me that at 7:30a. I had only been up a little over an hour. Little joys.
     Our last check with the neurosurgeon went well. She had a CT Scan, which showed that there is less fluid around her brain, but there has not been a drastic change. However, because she has been doing so well (speech, learning, motor skills) no adjustment of her shunt was required. And, we do not have to go back for another year!
     Biologically Maggie is 3.5; in our family she is like an 18 month old. She is where a 3y.o. should be intellectually, but emotionally I see a lot of toddler behavior. She seems to be in a phase of fear if I leave her. Not at school, but when around the house. If I go upstairs without asking her to come, she cries. If a babysitter comes to the house she has a short time of mourning. 'This too shall pass' is what my mom always says.
     We can't imagine not having her in our family!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


     One year home for Maggie equals one year of learning for this momma. And I have to admit, I am tired. Not just from Mags though...the other two contribute as well. It's a good tired, and I'm thankful for a husband that I can LOSE IT with at times! He talks me through so many things!
     I am learning that self-sufficiency needs to be hung out to dry & blown away by the wind, replaced with only the power of God in my life. I have a saying taped to my computer..."Here in the power of God I stand." I think that sums up my life right now.
     Natalie went through a couple of weeks of gripping fear going to school, so each morning was a struggle to get her out the door. That seems to be subsiding, but we still daily pray for wisdom with her as she tends to be pretty opinionated, leaning towards the negative. I struggle b/c we don't model negativity, so we are learning how to handle that. On the other hand, she has a sweet heart that is learning to spend daily time with Jesus and loves, loves, loves to take care of her three geckos.
     Jaydn is intense and his persistence at times brings me to tears in my closet. On the flip side he has the most loving/serving heart.
     Maggie has changed so much in this past year. Her vocabulary has blown up, making us laugh often. She is starting to throw a LOT of fits and therefore spends time daily in the corner.
    Nehemiah 8 says the JOY of the LORD is my strength. I grew up singing a song in church about that, but these past few months I feel like I am seeing it a little differently. Strength is not something that I have to conjure up to reap the benefits of joy. GOD's JOY is given to me AS strength. The obstacles don't leave just because I have Christ's spirit - His spirit gives JOY in the midst of the obstacles.
     I love my husband. I love my kids. God has started a work in them that helps me to know that He will take their personalities and use it for good. I look forward to one day learning what Nolan's personality will be.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Maggie's First Christmas Season

     This Christmas season has been so fun, watching Maggie. Really watching Maggie react to Natalie and Jaydn's joy. If they are excited about getting a Christmas tree, so is she! If they enjoy making a gingerbread house than she does too! 
     I think the best part has been listening to Jaydn and Natalie tell Maggie the real story of Christmas... "This is Mary and Joseph and they had a baby named Jesus. Jesus was born to save us from our sins."
     Maggie has been a Barcalow for 9 months now. Crazy how the process seemed so long to go get her and then before you know it 3/4's of a year has gone by!
     She had her first post-op CAT Scan on Friday. That was an experience! Ten minutes of sheer panic for her. When we came out of the room, several asked her if she was ok. I told them she would take a good nap! Whew!
     The scan showed that only minimal fluid has drained from her head, so they adjusted the shunt so the fluid will drain a little quicker. It was amazing how they adjusted the shunt - just by holding a small box thing to her head that magnetically changed the setting. It literally took 10 seconds.
     We continue to thank Jesus for His provisions for our family. Maggie was approved for TEFRA, a part of Medicaid, so most of her medical costs will be covered! H-U-G-E blessing!

Attempting to sleep by the Christmas was not a success.

Telling her the Christmas story

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Video, shown on Orphan Sunday

     I don't want to be redundant, or to bore anyone. I  know several of you that follow our blog are also on Facebook, so you have already seen the video on our adoption. But I wanted to share with those of you who do not go to our church or follow FB.

Your support of our family is a gift from our God!

She loves to sit next to Matt and listen to music

Maggie's first Halloween. Natalie & Jaydn showed her the ropes!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

On the other side of the surgery

     Last week at this time we were in the hospital room, just relaxing as Maggie came fully out of the anesthesia. By the end of the night she was riding in the wagon, talking as if nothing happened. Crazy. We are so grateful for Dr. McLanahan and his team!
     One week later she is off all meds and only seems uncomfortable after naps, but even that is maybe twenty minutes of "hold you" time. Her first follow-up appointment is next Friday. 
     Matt and I were talking today about how we just can't imagine our family without her! We are so glad God changed our hearts.

Wanting her sister to give her ducks back.

First hay ride.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Maggie's surgery

     We went in for a pre-op appointment today at Levine Children's Hospital, getting all the paperwork done for Maggie's surgery coming up Thursday, Oct. 18. Matt and I feel good about it; Maggie was thrilled to sit and eat two bags of goldfish and to receive a "doctor bag". We feel very blessed to be able to take her to a top rated hospital for kids! 
     For those of you who are detail people... Surgery is scheduled for 8a on Thursday, lasting about 2 hours; we will be in the hospital for 24-48 hours. Our home recovery should be one week or less (amazing huh?). Her surgeon is Dr. McLanahan. No, her entire head will not be shaved, just a small section. Yes, she will be asleep before they give her IV. She will have one shunt inserted into her brain and a tube will go down into her stomach, which empties the fluid. Yes we can have visitors, once she is in a normal room. (Can you tell what questions we have been asked a lot? HaHa)

     We covet the prayers!